About Us


Mr Dino Cipriani and Dr Fernando Roldan are endorsed clinical psychologists and comprise Cipriani Roldan Psychology which has been in operation for over 20 years.

Each of our consultants has over 25 years experience in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, including the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of brain impairment as a consequence of developmental factors and/or injury events resulting in brain trauma, as well as psychological/psychiatric problems experienced by children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

Patients attending our practice for assessment and/or treatment represent all major diagnostic classifications including traumatic brain injury, psychological trauma/stress syndromes (PTSD), learning disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, drug and alcohol abuse/dependence, personality disorder, anxiety-depressive syndromes, pain disorders and the dementias.

We conduct comprehensive clinical psychological and/or neuropsychological assessments for clinical, medicolegal and forensic purposes and we have prepared in excess of ten thousand medicolegal reports.
We have completed training in the Core, Nervous System and Mental and Behavioural Disorders modules for assessment of Whole Person Impairment (WPI) under the NSW Motor Accident Authority, WorkCover and Comcare. We have also completed training on the Functional Independence Measure (FIM).

We are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and Endorsed Clinical Psychologists. We are full members of the Australian Psychological Societies (APS), the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, the United States National Academy of Neuropsychology, and the International Neuropsychological Society.

Our consultants have many years experience working in multi-disciplinary psychiatric, psychogeriatric, psychiatric rehabilitation and forensic units, community mental health, educational settings and private practice.

We are committed to the Australian Psychological Society Code of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines and the Expert Witness Code of Conduct. We are also committed to meeting mandatory professional development requirements of the APS and Psychology Board of Australia.

Our professional development, focusing on advances in diagnostic and treatment procedures, including clinical, psychometric and neuropsychological assessment approaches and techniques, is an ongoing priority.