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Medicolegal & Other Assessments

At Cipriani Roldan Psychology we have completed in excess of ten thousand medicolegal assessments and reports dealing with clinical psychological and neuropsychological issues.

We have extensive experience as expert witnesses, having provided oral evidence in various Courts and Tribunals in excess of two hundred occasions.

Consultants have extensive experience in assessing claims relating to brain injury, psychiatric/psychological disorders, work injury, third party, medical negligence, public liability, competency, fitness for duty, fitness for rehabilitation, and victims compensation, as well as forensic matters. We are trained in the assessment of WPI under the NSW MAA scheme, the NSW WorkCover scheme and Comcare guidelines.

We have developed a strong reputation for our thorough assessments, including detailed document reviews, and assessment of cases with complex presentations, which may involve a combination of injuries and/or other factors, including: brain injury, personality and cognitive impairment, chronic medical conditions, chronic pain, stress/trauma (PTSD), other psychological/psychiatric conditions affecting adjustment, academic progress and learning, independent living, functional and work capacity, and /or validity issues.

We adopt a standardised approach to assessment including structured detailed clinical interviews and, where appropriate, the latest versions of relevant psychological and neuropsychological tests, rating scales and questionnaires suitable for all age groups. The practice has an extensive, up-to-date psychological test library.

Our comprehensive assessments are relevant to a range of medical, neurological, psychiatric, paediatric, older adult, school, compensation claimant and forensic populations including:

  • Neuropsychological and Clinical Psychological Assessments to address medicolegal issues and/or provide a cognitive profile relevant to management and rehabilitation of clients with a history of traumatic brain injury, neurological disorder, psychiatric/psychological disorder, toxic exposure, drug and alcohol abuse/dependence, neurodevelopmental/learning disorders and those who may be at risk of developing psychiatric disorder or dementia
  • Forensic Assessments relating to diagnosis of psychological/psychiatric disorder, competency issues, pre-sentencing, risk assessment, parenting skills, treatment needs, victims’ compensation, child protection, child custody and other Criminal and Family Court matters
  • Competency Assessments relevant to guardianship, testamentary capacity, medical treatment consent, driving safety, independent living and financial management
  • Vocational Assessments focusing on the psychological and cognitive injury impact on work capacity, fitness to return to work and/or fitness for occupational rehabilitation
  • Educational Assessments focusing on school readiness in pre-schoolers, developmental delay, giftedness, special needs and academic and emotional/behavioural difficulties associated with Learning Disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Conduct Disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Pain Assessments relating to various chronic pain conditions and pain-related disability due to maladaptive attitudes to pain and psychological factors causing excess disability
  • Personality Assessments for pre-employment screening of psychopathology and personality profiles relevant to personnel selection
  • Pre-liability Assessments to assist in determining insurer liability for work injuries
  • Fitness for duty and fitness for rehabilitation Assessments (including Section 36 assessments)